Shortcuts and Keybindings

Mouse Buttons

    Left mouse - free drawing
    Right mouse - horizontal line
    Left + Right mouse - vertical line drawing
    Middle mouse - pan map
    Mouse wheel - zoom in/out on hovered tile

General shortcuts

    Ctrl+A - Select All
    Ctrl+D - Clear Selection
    DEL - Delete everything in the selection
    Ctrl+C - Copy
    Ctrl+V - Paste
    Ctrl+Z - Undo
    Ctrl+Y - Redo
    Ctrl+S - Save
    Ctrl+O - Open
    Esc - Clear current paste buffer or clear selection
    Arrow Keys - Pan Map
    Shift + Arrow Key - Pan Map Fast
    Ctrl+= - Zoom In
    Ctrl+- - Zoom Out

Tool keybindings (can be changed in settings.xml)

    A - Arrow (Chest and Sign Editing)
    B - Brush (Painting tiles, walls, wires and liquid)
    F - Fill (Bucket fill tiles and/or walls)
    E - Pencil (Painting tiles, walls, wires and liquid)
    R - Picker (Left click picks tile/wall, right click picks tile mask/wall mask)
    P - Point (Places spawn, dungeon and npc homes)
    S - Selection (Select and area for editing or copying)
    T - Sprite (Place a sprite from the sprite list)
    Z - Toggle Eraser (Toggles erase mode for bucket, pencil and brush)
    X - Swap (Swaps Tiles/Walls & Masks, Liquids based on current Paint Mode; also Shift-X when in Tile & Wall mode)
    Q - Toggle Tiles when using Picker, Pencil, Brush, and Fill.
    W - Toggle Walls when using Picker, Pencil, Brush, and Fill.
These keybindings may be changed by editing your settings.xml file.