Description and usage of each TEdit plugin
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Settle Sand

This makes all sand fall in the world.

Simple Ore Generator

This uses the selected tile to randomly place "ore nodes" throughout the map, below the surface level.
Simple Ore Generator

Replace All Tiles

This replaces all tiles one type with another. The mask selection will be replaced by the tile selection.
Replace All

Remove All Chests

This deleted all chests from the world.

Remove All Unlocked Chests

This deletes all chests that are not locked.

Unlock All Chests

This replaces all locked chests with their unlocked variant.

Find Chests With

This searches the world for chests containing a specific item and returns the coordinates.
Find Chest

Find Plantera's Bulb

This searched the world for Plantera's Bulb and returns any found locations.

Procedural House Generator