House Generator Plugin

This plugin is under development and features may change or be added.

The house gen plugin adds a system to generate random versions of structures, or other arbitrary features, from a specially formatted schematic template. The schematic template consists of two separate files, a .TEditHGSch file and a .JSON file. The files must be named identically except for their associated extension.

There are currently two sample schematic templates provided by reddit user u/Tgn2_Tgn2.

The JSON file contains the following entries:

Count - the number of variations present in the schematic.

Rooms - an array of objects with each object having the following fields. Name: room name, can be anything, currently only used in error reporting. X: the number of tiles between the left edge of the schematic and the left edge of the room. Y: the number of tiles between the top edge of the schematic and the top of the room. Width: the rooms tile width. Height: the rooms tile height.

Roofs - an array of objects representing the roof sections, roofs currently function identically to rooms. (This may change in the future.)

The .TEditHGSch files can be created in TEdit itself by creating the various versions of a schematic and then stacking the versions directly on top of one another. The combined schematic can then be exported and renamed as filename.TEditHGSch

A filename.JSON file must then be written to let the generator know where each room is located in relation to the left and top edge of a single instance of the structure.

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