Install Requirements
    Unzip the download to an empty folder with write access, such as c:\games\TEdit.
    NOTE: you may need to delete OLD versions of files from this folder first.


These are requirements these, if you are having issues please uninstall/reinstall the following dependencies.
    Update your Graphics Driver to latest release (not beta) version
    Only Windows 10 x64 has been tested, previous versions (XP, 7, 8) are NOT guaranteed to work and support will be limited.

For Sprite Viewing

    Terraria must be installed or the data files must be available, normally
      64bit: Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Terraria\content
      32bit: Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Terraria\content
    Steam and Gog versions of Terraria normally work. However, you might be able to get other types to work with the steps below.
    If you don't have Terraria installed on the PC you are using there will be no sprite visualization, but the application should still work if you meet the other requirements.
    If you don't have Terraria installed but have a copy of Terraria/Content e.g. shared network drive, virtual machine, USB drive, etc., you can uncomment and edit <AltC> in settings.xml to point to your custom Terraria/Content location.
    NOTE: Remove the <!-- and --> to uncomment the line

Known Limitations

    NOT compatible with any mod files or TConfig modified worlds
    ONLY supports textures with a Steam copy of Terraria installed
      If you don't have Terraria installed but have access to Terraria/Content (e.g. shared network drive, USB), you can point to it by uncommenting and editing <AltC> in settings.xml


    Some older integrated graphics chipsets, old netbooks/laptops, may not work! TEdit may or may not work with these older integrated graphics chipsets.
    nVidia 770 are known to have issues with certain driver versions, please update and reinstall DirectX/.Net
    If you have the option of using Integrated Graphics or GPU (nVidia/ATI) and are having issues, try switching this setting.
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