Working with and managing schematics.

If you do not see the clipboard (located on the right-hand side of the editor) you may have to click the utilities button (also located on the right) to make it 'pop out'.





Copy selection to clipboard.


Paste last selection to cursor.


When paste is active, place the clipboard item or schematic into the map.

Empty Clipboard

This button removes all loaded schematics. Handy!

Import Schematic

By clicking the Import Schematic button you can load up schematics you have made permanent copies of. Once you have clicked the button just navigate to where you put the .TEditSch file(s). You can load multiple schematics into the clipboard at the same time if you want.

Schematic Viewing Area

Schematics are stored here temporarily when you press ctrl+c while using the selection tool.

You can export the schematics to make permanent saves of them (and share them with others) by clicking on the Export button located underneath the schematic portrait.

You can paste the schematic by clicking the Paste button underneath the schematic, or using ctrl+v to paste the last schematic in the copy history.

If you want to paste multiple copies of the same schematic you can use ctrl+v to do this rapidly. If using ctrl+v brings up the wrong schematic try clicking the paste button for the right schematic; the one you want paste. This will place it as the last item in the copy history making ctrl+v paste that instead.

You can also remove individual schematics from the clipboard by clicking the remove button.

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